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Unlock the Harry Mack Effect in Your B2B Strategy

8m TikTok Followers, B2B Influencer Marketing, Building Brand Affinity

Harry Mack is a well-known freestyle rapper and improvisational musician. On TikTok, he has over 8 million followers. TikTok is where I first discovered him.

His ability to compose intricate and coherent rap verses spontaneously, often incorporating audience suggestions, earned him significant attention and acclaim.

With his ability to think quickly and creatively while maintaining rhythm and rhyme, he has earned respect in the hip-hop community and beyond.

Harry Mack's TikTok Growth Formula

Let's get one thing straight - Harry is incredibly talented. 

It is Harry Mack's ability to freestyle rap with incredible speed and coherence that makes him unique in the industry. His ability to weave words and themes suggested by his audience into his raps is not only entertaining, but also highly engaging, making his content stand out on TikTok.

Using TikTok to repost his Omegle sessions, Harry Mack effectively harnesses the strengths of both platforms, resulting in content that is authentic, engaging, and highly shareable, thereby significantly extending his reach and following.

There are several reasons why this approach has worked well:

1. Unpredictable and Unique Content: 

Omegle, an application that allows users to have random video chats with strangers, offers a setting that is full of surprises and spontaneity. Due to this unpredictability, Harry Mack's freestyle rap sessions are highly engaging, as viewers never know what to expect next.

2. Real-Time Audience Interaction: 

In his videos, Harry Mack shows real-time reactions to the people he encounters on Omegle. As a result, viewers are able to see unfiltered, often amazed reactions to his freestyle skills, which adds to the entertainment factor.

3. Viral Potential: 

These interactions, particularly the moments of surprise and delight from Omegle users, have a high viral potential. Videos where others are visibly impressed or taken aback by a talent are more likely to be shared, which contributes to organic growth and reach.

4. Human Connection: 

Not only does Harry Mack's talent shine through in these videos, but also his ability to connect with a wide range of individuals. Empathy, humor, and the joy of shared experiences are all highlighted in this human element, which resonates with viewers.

5. Consistent Format with Varied Content: 

While the format of interacting with strangers on Omegle is consistent, the content of each interaction is varied. The balance maintains the freshness of the content while keeping audiences in a familiar environment.

Harry Mack has built a significant following on TikTok by combining his unique talent with a deep understanding of what works.

Consistent Format Drives Brand Affinity

Yes, there is indeed a psychological basis for why audiences are attracted to a familiar framework in content such as videos, music, or TV shows. 

This preference is rooted in several aspects of human psychology:

1. Comfort in Predictability: 

Human beings generally find comfort in predictability. Recognizing familiar patterns or frameworks provides us with a sense of comfort and security. The general format, but not the specific content of a video like Harry Mack's, allows viewers to enjoy the novelty within a comfortable, predictable framework.

2. Cognitive Ease: 

Cognitive load is reduced by familiarity. It is easier for our brains to process and understand something we have seen before. Cognitive ease makes the experience more enjoyable and less mentally taxing, encouraging repeated engagement.

3. The Mere Exposure Effect: 

Psychologically, this phenomenon suggests that people tend to prefer things they are familiar with. We tend to like something more the more we are exposed to it. Content creators can capitalize on this effect with familiar frameworks.

Here are some key points about the mere exposure effect:

1. Increased Liking Through Familiarity: 

We tend to like something more when we are exposed to it more often. The same applies to words, images, sounds, and even people.

2. Subconscious Influence: 

The effect often occurs at a subconscious level. It is possible that people are unaware that their preferences are being influenced simply by their familiarity with a stimulus.

3. No Need for Focused Attention: 

Even passive exposure to the stimulus can result in the mere exposure effect. Over time, hearing a song repeatedly can lead to a greater liking for it.

It is the mere exposure effect that explains why familiarity often leads to liking.

Harry Mack + B2B Influencer Marketing

Reveal is the free platform for Partnership, Marketing, and Sales teams to generate revenue through their ecosystem. Reveal is the parent company of Nearbound dot com. 

Formerly PartnerHacker, Nearbound dot com is the media company covering the news, stories, tactics and experiences of the partnership world.

A month ago, they had one of their annual virtual conferences: Nearbound Summit. 

They teamed up with Harry Mack for this summit.

Harry was involved in the following activities with the Nearbound team during this collaboration:

1. Pre-Conference Podcast:

The Nearbound team recorded a pre-conference podcast with Harry, and used the short video clips to create the hype around the event, and get more registrations. 

2. Created Conference Anthem

This one is an easy one for Harry, he had podcast hosts give him 3-4 words and he created a freestyle rap in a true Harry Mack style, which became the official anthem for the Nearbound conference

The nearbound team created more hype around it, and released it on Spotify, etc. 

3. Live Performance at The Virtual Summit:

During the summit, Harry performed virtually his freestyle rap for the live audiences. An element of the summit that enhanced its entertainment value.

Valuable Lessons for B2B Marketing Teams

Harry Mack's ethos and approach offer several valuable lessons for B2B marketers. Here's how B2B marketers can apply these lessons:

1. Embrace Collaboration and Co-Creation: 

Harry Mack's strategy of collaborating and partnering is a powerful approach in B2B marketing. It is possible for businesses to create more value and innovate more effectively by engaging with partners, clients, or even competitors. 

The co-creation of products and services with customers or other stakeholders can lead to products and services that are more closely aligned with market demands.

2. Focus on the Audience, Not Just the Brand: 

It is Harry's intention to surround his audience with their words, environment, and energy. B2B marketers should also pay attention to the needs, challenges, and perspectives of their target audience. An audience-centric approach ensures that marketing efforts are relevant and resonate with the target audience.

3. Live in the Market, Don’t Just Go-To the Market: 

The concept of living-in-market, as opposed to just going-to-market, suggests a deeper level of engagement with the industry and community. It means being an active participant in industry discussions, trends, and developments instead of simply pushing products.

4. Utilize Digital Platforms for Engagement: 

The same way Harry Mack utilizes digital platforms like Omegle, B2B marketers should leverage digital channels effectively. Social media, webinars, podcasts, and other online platforms can be used to engage with their audience.

5. Meet Customers Where They Are: 

Harry shows up on both the digital and physical turf of his audience. Also, B2B marketers should meet their customers where they are, whether it's on specific digital platforms, at industry events, or through targeted outreach.

6. Create Experiences, Not Just Products: 

Harry Mack's collaboration and track demonstrate the importance of creating experiences. In a crowded market, B2B marketers should strive to create memorable experiences around their brands and products.

7. Be Authentic and Genuine: 

Harry's reality and authenticity highlight the importance of genuine engagement. Transparency and honesty should be at the heart of B2B marketing.

8. Leverage Content Creatively: 

A collaborative podcast and track suggest innovative ways to use content from B2B Influencer Marketing. Podcasts, video series, and collaborative content projects are all examples of content formats B2B marketers can use to engage their audience.

The concept of not doing it alone reflects the importance of building a community and nurturing relationships in B2B marketing. It can be extremely beneficial to have good relationships with customers, partners, and peers in the industry.

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