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Unlock Now: The "Triple A" Framework to Elevate Your B2B Strategy

+ Cut the Clutter: Unlock Simplicity for Business Growth

Hello and welcome to the 113th edition of Fresh Salmon.

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Cut the Clutter: Unlock Simplicity for Business Growth

My biggest lesson from working at startups is that things need to be simplified in order to be better.

Marketing: Don't get caught up in the noise. Strip away the jargon and dense language from your marketing materials. Messaging that is clear and straightforward resonates more deeply, resulting in better results.

Sales: Become more focused. Rather than casting a wide net, target your primary market segment. Concentrated efforts lead to better results and enhanced efficiency.

Product: Streamline the user interface and eliminate overly complex features. Simplicity fosters greater adoption and loyalty.

Simplifying is a skill. It's not something to be taken for granted.

Unlock Now: Elevate Your B2B Strategy with Exclusive Triple A Framework

There is a disconnect between B2B Go-To-Market and reality.

A distance has been created between the seller and the buyer as a result.

Rather than focusing on what buyers want, there is more focus on what the business wants.

All we preach everyday is jargon-filled, mind-numbing narratives.

Rather than creating seamless experiences, businesses create friction.

Rather than establishing meaningful connections with buyers, people get lost in tools and data.

It's a one-sided affair at best - and that poses a big problem!

The B2B Marketing fundamentals have remained the same for years - but the “Awareness-Consideration-Conversion” methodology doesn't work anymore.

There is a need for a new alternative to the old methodology in the digital era.

We live in a world where getting attention isn't as easy as it once was. 

The best marketers have a knack for getting the attention of their audience and cutting through the clutter.

They know - “Attention” is the most valuable currency in the digital age. 

"Attention" will keep you from being scrolled past.

When you capture someone's attention, you have the chance to make a lasting impression.

A decade ago, the only meaning of the moment of digital attention was - transactional.

It's a fact that today's buyer behavior ignores the sales crap.

To succeed in B2B Marketing, the moment of attention must be transformed from a “transaction” to “value creation”. 

“Value” is what leaves a lasting impression.

When you create "value" for a prospect in your initial interaction, you give yourself a chance to be remembered.

The prospect's chance of returning to you increases when you are remembered.

This is how you build brand affinity.

As soon as you establish affinity, you can influence behavior to achieve the desired outcomes.

You could make the audience take the desired actions.

To succeed in the digital age, it is necessary to transform “Marketing 101” from “Awareness-Consideration-Conversion” to “Attention-Affinity-Action”.

It's what I like to call AAA (Triple A).

The focus is no longer on the transaction, rather it is on building a relationship with the buyer.

The best B2B brands in the world are champions of AAA (Triple A).

Rather than focusing solely on a transaction, they recognize the value of building affinity.

Attention -> Affinity -> Action

Time to get past the old methodology, and focus on “AAA (Triple A)”. Period.

Interesting Thing That I Read This Week

100% in agreement with John 🎯 🎯 🎯. . .

Also, I've been yelling on top of my lungs out that the companies that have made their content strategy as "media-first" content strategy will have a competitive advantage. Remember this 👇👇

Tweet That I Noticed This Week

You gotta appreciate marketing like this 👇👇

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