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Unlock Explosive Growth: Exclusive Event-Led Strategies for B2B Success

+ Content-First Strategy for In-Person Events

Hello and welcome to the 116th edition of Fresh Salmon.

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Now let's get started and explore a hot topic - Events.

The Secrets of Event-Driven Business Growth Revealed

The world of B2B marketing is all about events and content today - you can't argue with that!

Remember when we relied on automated email campaigns after someone downloaded a PDF?

However, getting someone to book a demo isn't going to happen by bombarding them with 15 emails. Let's already do away with those email drips.

Traditionally, nurturing in marketing was all about making sales. It's now all about building trust.

We live in a world where understanding today's buyer is critical.

Thus, we come to what I like to call "Audience Nurturing Loops," and one of them is combining content with events.

Now let's talk about events. They're fantastic for learning new things and making connections. 

Unlike traditional events, today you can attend virtual events or in-person, and each one has its own vibe.

Taking advantage of virtual events such as Webinars and Online Summits is mainly about soaking up knowledge.

Focus on delivering jaw-dropping content that leaves your audience impressed with what they learn from your brand if you want to succeed here.

On the other hand, in-person events are more about creating memorable experiences. There are a variety of flavors to choose from:

- Micro-Events focus on intimate gatherings, often featuring exclusive, high-quality discussions.

- Trade shows are venues where companies showcase their latest products to potential customers mostly at an exhibit booth. There might be some learning sessions here, but they often feel like educational commercials because they are sponsored.

- Conferences are all about sharing knowledge and gaining new insights. Whether you attend a user conference, an academic gathering, or an industry-specific event, the goal is to learn and connect.

In-person events emphasize connections over everything else. 

There's no point in sitting through hours of content unless it's interactive, like workshops or panels, or if the sessions are concise and not just something you could watch online.

Having the opportunity to be there in person makes all the difference. It's a chance to learn through real conversations rather than just presentations.

The common pitfall with in-person events is viewing them solely as a pipeline booster. This narrow perspective is fundamentally flawed.

Certainly, the face-to-face interactions you gain with potential customers at these events are invaluable.

However, if we only gauge these gatherings by their immediate return on investment (ROI), we're missing the bigger picture. Expecting to see direct ROI the day after an event is unrealistic and can lead to premature judgments about their value. 

This kind of short-sightedness could make you miss out on what these events truly offer. It's not just about quick gains — it's about long-term relationships and opportunities. 

Don’t let a narrow focus on immediate results stop you from investing in these powerful tools for business growth.

Mastering In-Person Events: The Content-First Strategy

If you start viewing in-person events from the lens of starting and deepening relationships then everything changes. 

Here are my thoughts on this slide - 

Making the most of conferences and trade shows requires the right strategy. Instead of simply closing deals at booths, it's time to build relationships that pave the way for ongoing business growth.

The era of one-time transactions is over. In today's world, it's all about cultivating long-term relationships with clients and prospects.

We should build meaningful connections that will last a lifetime and result in fruitful collaborations.

But how can the costs of trade shows be justified?

The answer is a "Content First Strategy."

When we prioritize creating content at these events, we make it possible to take advantage of a multitude of opportunities. 

We can then repurpose and share the content we created across multiple platforms, significantly extending its reach and value.

Ensure our trade show efforts are impactful by creating content that engages our audience and establishes our thought leadership.

Remember, it’s not just about showing up at events; it’s about leveraging them strategically for sustained success.

Are you ready to harness the power of content-driven in-person events?

Repurpose -> Distribute -> Repeat. 

Boost your business growth and unlock a world of possibilities.

Interesting Thing That I Read This Week

This post by Scott Leese is 🔥🔥.

I did ask to clarify (7) for me. To which Chris himself responded -

“It means, qualify-hard at first, because you're about to sign up for a 6+ month sales cycle. Only pick the deals you feel comfortable with committing to that long. Qualify the others out.

Then, with the deals you did pick, make damn sure you win them. Pull out all the stops.

Most people get the 2nd point. Few get the first.”

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