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The Real Game in B2B Media Marketing: It's Not What You Think

+ The BIGGEST SECRET to landing a job

In 2015, I wrote an email to Anand Sanwal, CEO of CB Insights.

In every sense, it was a cold email. We didn't know each other.

Anand had just shared their marketing stack in one of their emails.

I have been a fan of CB Insights, so I noticed some gaps in their marketing stack that could be filled fairly quickly. I also decided to share some suggestions about how CB Insights could improve its marketing, specifically its acquisition strategy.

I spent more than an hour writing the email, since it was fairly detailed. And then sent to Anand.

Immediately after sending the email, I received an OOO Auto Reply.

Then I was like - Oh, that's great, I'll never know if he'll even read this. Regardless, I went to bed.  

7 Hours later, I got a response from Anand.

To my surprise: Asking me if I would like to work for him.

That's pretty crazy, isn't it?

At that moment, I was pleasantly surprised, but it dawned on me that I have been using this method to convert career opportunities for several years.

No matter what, creating value always works.

If you are searching for a job, you do not have to wait for job openings. You can pick any company, and create value without asking for anything else.

The company I joined in 2014 was Klara (a healthcare startup in Germany), who did not even have a job opening advertised. I cold emailed one of the company's co-founders, and was hired as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

In other words, demonstrate you are genuinely interested and happy to help in any way you can. It's that simple.

Don't wait, go and get the opportunity you are looking for.

Get the job that you WANT!

The BIGGEST SECRET to landing a job: Create Value First

- Vivek Nanda

The Real Game in B2B Media Marketing: It's Not What You Think

You've been lied to. Yes, I said it. 

We have been chasing the wrong goal in B2B media marketing. Sprinting the first 100 meters of a marathon won't win you the race. Foolish, isn't it? That’s exactly what’s happening when businesses obsess over becoming a media brand.

Let's cut through the noise. The real goal? The goal isn't to become the next big media sensation. That’s a distraction – a shiny object that’s pulling you away from the jackpot.

The jackpot is building a tribe. A highly engaged audience. The people who believe in what you stand for, who hold on to every word you say.

It's not about blasting your brand name across the sky. It's about creating a bond that makes your audience feel like they're part of something bigger.

Imagine having an avid following that knows your brand and feels like they are part of it. They don't just recognize your logo; they resonate with your story, your values, and your essence. That's brand affinity. That's the goldmine.

Now, here's the twist. You've built a tribe, a community of engaged followers, now what? A captive audience for your product. You don't just force your product down their throats. That's amateur hour.

Subtly introduce them to your product over time. It's like seasoning a gourmet meal - you don't pour the whole spice jar in; you sprinkle it gently so that the flavor is enhanced. It becomes a natural part of the conversation rather than a sales pitch.

Here's the bottom line: Shift your focus. Stop trying to be a media brand; start building brand affinity. Do it right, and you won't just have customers – you'll have advocates, champions for your brand.

That's the real game in B2B media marketing. And it's a game you can win.

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Interesting Thing That I Read This Week

Kyle Lacy, CMO at Jellyfish, shared a great cold email that he received. 

Very well researched. Nicely personalized. I also love the "Santa" graphic!

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