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A Seismic Shift in B2B Marketing: From 'How' to 'Who'

B2B Marketing Trends - Part 1

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From 'How' to 'Who'

There is a seismic shift taking place in B2B Marketing that is transforming the way buyers interact with brands.

Consumers are shifting from a "how" economy, where they searched for solutions to their problems, to a "who" economy, where they seek out trusted advisors to guide their decisions.

In the digital age, influence is changing due to the changing nature of communication. The volume and quality of information provided by a brand largely determined its influence in the past.

Today, influence is determined by how well a brand can build relationships with its audience.

Buyers no longer just Google their problems and hope for the best. They rely on people they know and trust to help them navigate digital commerce's complexities.

For B2B marketers and founders, this changes the game.

You can no longer simply create great content and hope that it resonates with your audience. To build trust in your brand, you must actively build relationships with your customers and advocates.

A profound change is already taking place in the way businesses operate as a result of this shift. In the old "how" world, companies were able to get their content in front of buyers by manipulating search algorithms.

However, success in the new world of "who" is determined by your ability to build relationships and trust with your audience.

To succeed in the new economy, you must cultivate relationships and cultivate trust with your audience in order to build those relationships.

Building a network of trusted advisors who can help you succeed requires active engagement with your customers and advocates through social media, email marketing, or other channels.

As social media has evolved, people are consuming information in different ways.

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram have fundamentally changed how people consume information. People are increasingly turning to social media to get recommendations from their friends and family rather than search engines.

A result of this shift is the rise of influencer marketing, where brands work with social media influencers to reach new audiences and build trust.

Buyers are more skeptical of traditional marketing tactics.

Buyers used to trust the claims brands made in their advertising and marketing materials. In today's world, consumers are more skeptical of these tactics, and they are more likely to seek out independent opinions and reviews.

Building trust with audiences requires brands to be transparent and authentic in their messaging.

The importance of customer experience is on the rise.

In today's increasingly skeptical and discerning market, a positive customer experience is becoming increasingly critical. In the "how" economy, brands could provide a subpar experience if they had the right marketing materials and information to convince buyers to buy.

However, in the "who" economy, buyers are more likely to base their decisions on the quality of the customer experience, so brands must deliver exceptional customer service.

Trust is more important than ever.

The best brands in the "how" economy will provide information and solve problems. In the "who" economy, success is largely determined by the level of trust buyers have in your brand.

Building relationships with their audience and cultivating a network of trusted advisors is what brands need to focus on in order to succeed.

Overall, the shift from a "how" economy to a "who" economy reflects the changing nature of influence and trust in the digital age.

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