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Break Free from the 5% Trap: The GTM Game-Changer You Can't Ignore

+ 10 Companies Pioneering B2B Media Marketing Excellence

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A New Era in B2B Marketing Is Upon Us

Marketing leaders are in the trenches, wrestling with the Herculean task of creating pipelines and driving revenue growth, all while budgets are depleting.

It's easy to blame the economy, but I think there's a better explanation.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, we've been dusting off the same old GTM playbook. And guess what? Even as its beat diminishes, we keep beating that old, tired drum.

This ancient playbook has turned B2B marketers' obsession with demand capture to a new level. We're all vying for 5% of in-market buyers, and it's getting crowded.

However, B2B marketing is evolving at breakneck speed, and those who can't keep up will be left behind. So, what is the new playbook for success? 

Today GTM is all about mastering the intricate buyer's journey and crafting razor-sharp strategies.

Yes, B2B marketing needs an overhaul, a transformation of epic proportions. 

And that change starts with switching gears from demand capture to demand creation, and it's not just a cosmetic change. 

We've got to cast our net wider and reach out to that other 95% of the target audience who might not be ready to buy just yet. 

The focus must be on building genuine relationships with your target audience and not just transactions.

Over the years, we've thrown eBooks, nurturing emails, social posts, and SDR outreach at our buyers, and guess what? They've become immune to our old tricks. 

Now they're staying incognito, lurking in the shadows, and that's where the mysterious world of dark social comes into play.

So here's the bottom line — embrace the winds of change, because they're blowing strong. 

It's time for a transformation, and if you want to be successful in B2B marketing, you have to transform your marketing from lead generation to demand creation. Period.

The Trailblazers: 10 Companies Pioneering B2B Media Marketing Excellence

Here are 10 companies who are already achieving success as early movers in B2B audience building using media-first content strategy - 

There's HockeyStack, a company that's been making waves and setting the pace with "The Flow".

Then there's "LavenderLand" by the folks over at Lavender, painting the town purple and proving that this approach works.

Partnerhacker went through the acquisition by Reveal, which is now adopted as ” nearbound.com” and gaining momentum. 

Vidyard has been running this playbook for a while with “Sales Feed”. 

Klue is doing it with “The Complete Network”.

Crossbeam is providing curated and subscriber-exclusive content on “Crossbeam Insider”.

Zuora is doing it with “Zuora+”.

AudiencePlus created binge-worthy content for marketers here.

Wistia has built several series to drive brand affinity. 

And lastly, the OG of media-first content strategy - ProfitWell was acquired by Paddle, they have a media property - “Recur”. 

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