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Break Boundaries: Unleash the Power of Disruptive Marketing Today!

Discover the AI Tools That Impressed Me Most - #1 Will Surprise You!

Hello and welcome to the 120th edition of Fresh Salmon.

I am pleased to have you here, and if you would like to read past issues of the newsletter, please click here.

This is to all the beautiful, radiant, and exceptional mothers out there.

You’re the real MVPs.

The sparkling diamonds ever ready to put others first.

The rock of support during our troubling days.

Happy Mother’s Day today and always!

I read James Clear’s 3-2-1 newsletter, and this thought on happiness deeply resonated with me -

Happiness isn't a one-size-fits-all concept. 

It varies depending on your circumstances.

Even though relaxation is essential, constant downtime can become monotonous.

While finding purpose in work can be rewarding, non-stop labor can result in burnout.

Exercise benefits our health immensely, but overdoing it can damage it.

Since happiness is ever-changing, the real question is:

What do you need at this moment to feel happy?

Break the Mold: Unleash the Power of Disruptive Marketing Today!

Embracing innovation and breaking away from conventional strategies is the essence of disruptive marketing.

Creating a unique market space that captures attention and engages audiences in new ways involves challenging the status quo.

By taking this approach, businesses can radically change how they approach marketing and interact with their target demographics.

Here are a few key points to consider about disruptive marketing:

1. Innovation at the Core: 

Developing disruptive marketing strategies requires creativity and a willingness to experiment. You might need to adopt new technologies, use unconventional media, or find new ways to present your brand.

2. Customer-Centric Approaches: 

The goal is to customize experiences that resonate with customers on a personal level by leveraging data and insights.

3. Cultural Relevance: 

Marketing messages are often made relevant and engaging by incorporating current cultural trends, societal shifts, and even topical events. As a brand, we can align ourselves with social movements, lifestyle changes, and technological advancements.

4. Narrative and Storytelling: 

A compelling story is often used in disruptive marketing to create an emotional connection with the audience. Brand stories can be told in innovative ways, or narratives can be created that differ from traditional corporate messaging.

5. Risk-Taking: 

Risk-taking is part of this type of marketing. It's not uncommon for brands to challenge industry norms, address controversial topics, or engage audiences in unexpected ways.

A disruptive marketing strategy allows brands to create memorable, impactful marketing campaigns that capture attention and foster deeper connections with their target audiences, setting the stage for growth and engagement beyond traditional methods.

Why does Disruptive Marketing work?

There are several reasons disruptive marketing works, each of which taps into fundamental aspects of human behavior and market dynamics:

1. Stands Out from the Noise: 

Consumers are bombarded with countless messages every day in today's media-saturated world. With disruptive marketing, you can break through the monotony with something unique, unexpected, and memorable. It is this distinctiveness that captures and retains the attention of consumers.

2. Sparks Curiosity and Engagement: 

Novelty and innovation are often used in disruptive campaigns to pique interest. It can take the form of unusual visuals, unconventional messages, or immersive experiences that are not just seen but also interacted with. 

Consumers naturally engage more deeply when they encounter something different from the norm.

3. Emotional Connection: 

Brands can connect with their audience emotionally by creating campaigns that are original and impactful. An emotionally engaged customer is more likely to recall a brand and make a purchase decision based on that feeling.

4. Viral Potential: 

Marketing that disrupts has a higher chance of going viral. When something is groundbreaking or radically different, people are more likely to share it. Organically, this sharing extends the campaign's reach and multiplies its impact.

5. Reframes the Brand: 

Marketers can use such tactics to reposition or refresh brands in consumers' minds. A brand's image can be transformed, making it more relevant and appealing to contemporary audiences.

6. Creates Buzz and Earns Media: 

A disruptive campaign often generates substantial buzz, capturing the attention of not only consumers but also the media. Without spending any additional money, earned media coverage can further amplify a campaign's reach and credibility.

7. Long-lasting Impressions: 

Customers retain memories of brands that "do that thing" long after the campaign has ended, as you mentioned. For sustainable business success, this long-lasting impression can enhance brand recall and loyalty.

Disruptive marketing works because it leverages the element of surprise, engages consumers deeper, and leaves a lasting impression.

It is especially powerful when disruptive marketing is used to capture the attention of business customers in the B2B sector, which is often dry and highly competitive.

Salesforce "No Software" Campaign

Remember Salesforce?

The "No Software" campaign was launched by Salesforce, a pioneer in cloud computing, in the early 2000s. With its cloud-based CRM solution, the campaign challenged the then-dominant model of expensive, on-premise software installations. 

A red circle with a slash through the word "software" in the "No Software" tagline and logo effectively communicated the company's unique selling proposition. With this bold statement, Salesforce differentiated itself from traditional software vendors and positioned itself as a technology leader. 

Salesforce's campaign, which advocated for a new, more flexible approach to software deployment, helped establish the company as a major player in the CRM space.

Another Real World Example

This guys hired his own stalker to sabotage his talk at a DTC conference, click the LinkedIn link below and check out this 2min video 👇👇

The 5 AI Tools I’m Really Impressed With

  1. Suno AI 

Suno AI, or simply Suno, is a generative artificial intelligence music creation program designed to generate realistic songs combining vocals and instruments.

I asked Suno to create a song for Fresh Salmon Newsletter, this what it came up with 👇👇 


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  1. Bing Image Creator

It has been really easy to generate awesome AI generated images via Bing, in fact the image published above was generated using Bing Image Creator.

It’s free. Take it for a spin!

  1. Ideaogram

    Ideogram is a free-to-use AI tool that generates realistic images, posters, logos and more. Check it out here.

  2. Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio allows companies, creators and agencies to create audio content at scale, using asynchronous interviews.

Rumble Studio was created because today's audio creation tools are slow and expensive, presenting a high barrier to entry for many businesses and individuals.

Even worse, companies that start podcasts experience a high attrition rate. The majority of active podcasts today have fewer than 10 episodes, and most podcasters quit before they realize how much their podcast can contribute to their business.

With Rumble Studio, podcasting is fast, easy, and accessible to everyone.

  1. Opus Clips

Opus Clip turns long videos into high-quality viral clips for you to share on social media.

Try all of these tool, you will not regret it.

Disclaimer: None of these tools were sponsored mentions.

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